Adieu, Adieu

(Note: This has been re-edited on August 24) 

It’s been more than 3 years since I wrote my first post here in Seeking Solstice.

I’ve been reflecting for awhile on why we decide to change blog providers. The main reason is probably like in all things technology, we tend to gravitate to the newer, faster, and seemingly better blog provider out there. Another possible reason linked to that is that we’ve also grown out of a created identity associated with that blog. I mean, can anyone tell me they still write the same blog they had since high school?

Seeking Solstice was a time when I needed to find my own writing voice in college. I was running for an editorial position in the school newspaper and fairly adjusted myself into the campus culture. Most of my org friends were writers, and they were also sustaining their own blogs as well. Orals and paper/article deadlines were the center of my problems. Allowance was used in overpriced coffee shops and I had a social life (well, sort of). I lived inside the campus dorm which was both a blessing and a curse (I still do not know my way around Manila). 

Now, I’m working in one of the biggest fast-food industries in a department outside my comfort zone. Despite of this, there is still inspiration and determination, but there are days where it’s even difficult to send an email or take initiative. I am still confused in what I want to eventually do in the long-run. 

Admittedly, it’s also been tough to find the time and motivation to sit down and write like before. Scattered thoughts about career or having a social life again, have been left unfinished in the drafts section. I leave it for another day and when I come back, the momentum has gone. The recent posts have elicited self-wtfs with its broken language and meaning. It also feels unnatural and forced. And honestly, I’ve been trying to remember the reason why I chose the name in the first place.

I simply feel lost in this space. And another thing I realized: twentysomethings, it’s a chapter of it’s own. I am not the same person as I was when I created this blog. 

So with that, I bid adieu to the small group of viewers (random or not) that have somehow found the time to visit Seeking Solstice once in awhile. Thank you for being there. I’d always remember this blog for being an outlet to write outside Guidon duties, heartbreak, and the occasional homesick and feeling lost fresh grad posts. 

Now signing off. 

And now writing here

baby steps

There are things you can change. There are things that you can’t change.

Some situations are so frustrating but you got to deal with it one way or another.

Happiness comes in different forms, but such moments are often so fleeting.

Like a good weekend spent. A nice nap. A good compliment from your peers.  A good drink session. A comforting kiss.

But then you need to face when things suddenly turn the other way around.

Sometimes, it honestly feels like there’s no room for non-thick-skinned people out there.

You need to adapt. Be versatile.

You also need to accept your shortcomings and those of others.

Simply said, you need to work hard. Think for yourself to figure out what makes you happy in the end.





Babies are the cutest things.

It would be the finest day I can be surrounded in a room full of puppies, piglets or any kind of baby animal (fine, kittens as well).

It’s another thing though, when you see a baby that’s going to be a big part of your life forever for the first time.

On April 14, my sister gave birth to Jaden Tyler Garcia-Sanchez.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

He was born big and healthy. It was obvious that he has his mother’s eyes and his father’s build.

He was a super energetic newborn who managed to remove his tiny mittens and hat just minutes after he was placed in the incubator.

Right now, I’m perfectly content observing him for a good while. It’s amazing to see how his little body functions, with his tiny hands and toes. How he sleeps. How tiny his eyelashes are. How he sticks out his tongue for no apparent reason, like the picture below.


So hi baby nephew, be prepared to get spoiled silly by your grandparents and aunt!

My Fickle Mind

Lately I’ve been thinking about the what could have beens.

What could have been if I took that job as a social media writer for a local fashion chain or an editorial assistant of an advertising magazine? What would happen if I said yes? Would I have been happier? Would I have learned more?

Most importantly, would I have already known what I wanted to do?

And I must say, it’s pretty ill-fitting given you’re in the middle of constant deadlines and requirements. I wish I could take a break or even go back to Jakarta for awhile but this probably won’t be the case for now.

In the meantime, I need to get my life back in order. Work first then perhaps the possibility of exploring a passion project on the side.

It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone. We get it. Unfamiliarity causes doubt. Doubt causes anxiety, which we all know can either push us to better things

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the steer in career paths for the millennial generation that we live in. Won’t go into much detail for now but it’s an interesting topic to dive into. That and how more and more people are getting married these days.

PS:  Another thing, I just noticed the Seeking Solstice identity is out of whack. One post it’s about life updates, another is a rant. And most recently, a rhetorical ode to love?


What would you do if I wrote about us?

Beyond the surface

Forget about places we visit, the people we meet, the plans we have

But about the little things that will probably remain unseen

Hidden from everyone else

Like the shape of the moles on your back

The dark, stubborn stain on your face

Where a multitude of stubble has taken ground


What would you do if I chose to craft such personal moments with words?

Would it be a mistake, for both you and I

The little things that could have been fleet of photographic images

That may or may not be permanent in our memories

That we can choose to forget

To let go and slip away

Like the color of your shirt on our second, third, fourth date

Would it be a mistake

To let it be permanently etched

Through broken words and considered flows

That both of us can relive

How it felt at that exact moment of our lives


What would you do?

A shrug, an insensitive joke, a shudder, a blank stare




Or perhaps, a calm acceptance?




The last thing that I want is this blog to be whiny but with everything that’s going on, I can’t help but succumbing into ranting about all of it. One thing I know coming out of this, I was definitely not made for it.

With all dark periods in the past (wow, cue in the dramatic music), I vow to become a stronger person afterwards. I vow to balance my time with all things good, become productive and appreciate the finer things in life outside work. Then again, I do have my dramatic moments.

I really do hope that Friday is the end.

The official end, that it is.

Baby Steps

This is definitely not the first time that I wrote about losing that certain touch to write freely. Write anything outside remotely corporate.

I skimmed through my recent posts the other day and cringed. It felt disconnected and all over the place, like there was a kind of obligated rush without revealing anything beyond the surface.

Seeking Solstice turned 3 this year. It got me thinking, “Am I happy with what I’ve written here? Have my writing skills progressed somehow?”

I guess I left these as rhetorical questions.

So I decided to take baby steps into fulfilling a passion project. What passion project is this? For now, let’s just simply say to put writing back into my life.

To defeat post-work fatigue or expound on a random subject or even formalize my scattered writing habits is a tough challenge, but fuck it.

Let’s do this.